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Cahaba Heights

The Cahaba Heights business district is located off highway 280 at the foot of the Summit. This business district is loaded with unique shops and is known as the “antique shopper’s paradise”. All of this, coupled with the small town atmosphere, is what makes this business district “uniquely Cahaba Heights”.

Patchwork Farms

Located off of I-459 and Cahaba River Rd is our newest district in Vestavia Hills. Lifetime Fitness, a state of the art gym/workout facility is located there along with local and chain restaurants and shops. New apartment complexes and neighborhoods are also being built and established here.

Liberty Park

Located off I-459 and Liberty Parkway, the Liberty Park commercial development is a planned unit development (PUD) community centered around world-class office buildings that are located in a natural setting. Beautiful new neighborhoods, apartment homes and recreational fields and parks make up the heart of Liberty Park. The fabulous Prominence Shops include restaurants, a hair salon, bank, and much more.

Rocky Ridge

The Rocky Ridge business district lies cradled between highway 280 and I-459. Home to specialty shops, hardware and grocery stores, restaurants and boutiques, the Rocky Ridge business district offers a neighborhood ambiance with a small town feel. Its shops, stores and offices are centered in the middle of several upscale residential developments.

Vestavia North

Located on the Highway 31 artery that runs from Shades Crest Road to Merryvale Road the Vestavia North business district encompasses the Vestavia Hills Municipal Complex. On the west side of Highway 31, it features the City Center which is filled with restaurants and local businesses. On the east side of Highway 31, there are more shops and restaurants that have received a face lift recently. This business district offers its residents a broad selection of stores and many new upscale restaurants with many more coming in the near future.

Vestavia South

The Vestavia South business districts runs from Merryvale Road to the I-65 and Highway 31 intersection, and includes specialty retailers, restaurants and fast food establishments as well as several car dealerships. A variety of professional services and office parks are located within this district.

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