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About Us

Michelle Hawkins
Vestavia Hills Chamber or Commerce

The Vestavia Hills Chamber of Commerce is a vibrant, dynamic chamber made up of retail and service businesses, professionals, individuals and retired people as well as many elected officials who want to stay involved and connected with Vestavia Hills.

Membership in the Vestavia Hills Chamber of Commerce is over 700 members strong. We are thrilled with our growing roster because it means that we are able to better support local businesses and help strengthen our local economy, which translates into improved city services and a higher quality of life for all Vestavia Hills residents.

When you shop locally, you help support not only local businesses and the families of their employees, but you also help maintain the high quality of life we enjoy here. The revenue generated by our local businesses comes back to Vestavia Hills residents through increased funding for schools, police, the fire department, roads and sidewalks. Strong businesses also help keep property values high, which allows us to maintain strong schools and a fantastic lifestyle in Vestavia Hills.

Please join us in our ongoing effort to support Vestavia Hills chamber members. We’re dedicated to building strong businesses in Vestavia Hills, therefore building a stronger community and celebrating, “A Life Above.”


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